Emotional Maturity: Your Focus Determines Your Attitude

Two days ago I was supposed to be flying to Atlanta to coach some student leaders on giving better presentations. American Airlines had different plans for me. They cancelled my flights and Marka at the AA counter tried desperately to get me rebooked. After 90 minutes of playing musical flights, it became obvious I was either taking a cabbie or not going. I was frustrated to say the least. The client in Georgia is a good friend of mine and we jumped through some hoops just to get the program scheduled. However, right before we finally decided there was no way I could make it (and my frustration was off the charts) I noticed an elderly lady in a wheelchair in the line next to me who was in the same situation. Her flight was cancelled. She couldn't get out until the next day. And she didn't live in Oklahoma City. My focus immediately switched from my cancelled flight to hers. My attitude went from frustration to compassion. I helped her find a hotel and a ride to it. My entire demeanor changed and it was like the Georgia trip didn't exist in the first place.

When you are on your way or at the height of a battle with a negative attitude, switch your focus and your attitude will switch right along with it!

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