Integrity: Students Making a Difference!

We were speaking to a phenomenal group of young people tonight with the Oklahoma FCCLA and they blew us away with their leadership. First of all they broke out of every comfort zone they had to do leadership in multiple ways - they socialized with strangers, they created teams where none existed before, they acted silly and they were on total high receive all night long. And after we (and probably they) thought they couldn't give anymore, we asked them to stretch a little further and write a letter to someone in their life they appreciate, admire and call their hero. Some of the students took literally 30 minutes drafting this letter. They spent a tremendous amount of emotional energy after a long day of spending social, physical and intellectual energy just to say thank you to their mentor. They addressed the letters, sealed them, and they will go out in the mail tomorrow. Very cool stuff. Sometimes I wish the adult leaders I mix and mingle with had half the energy and integrity that youth groups like this one have.

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