The Unmade Leader: The Mentos Moment

The Mentos Moment

The Unmade Leader is the title of a new book we are working on. The BIG IDEA is that leaders are born and then unmade. Expert leaders are effective at positively influencing others because they have taken steps to keep the most important leadership traits they were born with switched on - creativity, energy, connection to others, curiosity, etc. In the book we discuss seven moments that unmake these leadership "Switches." They include the Jinga Moment, the Knowledge Jar Moment, the Misfire Moment, etc.

At an event this past week we uncovered a new one - The Mentos Moment.

The Switch (the big leadership trait that we are born with) - Renewal. Like many other things in nature, we were born with the ability to renew our mind, our body, and our spirit. The tools we were given to do this include sleep, the ability to learn, silence, a huge world to explore and adventure in, etc.

The Mentos Moment - At some moment we lose this "freshness." We lose the desire to seek out new adventures, to wake up to a new day and face it with a renewed enthusiasm, to forgive people, to see our "same-ole'-life" as bigger than it is and filled with elbow room.

So, now what? - Preventing the Mentos Moment simply requires us to appreciate what is in front us and act upon the understanding that a successful life is comprised of a long chain of small opportunities that are lived to the fullest.
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