Innovative: Student Creativity

We just spent a great three days in Utah with the Utah Career and Technical Student Organizations. Part of our training schedule for them included sharpening their presentation skills. We accomplished this by giving each of the seven teams a piece of our content, 15 minutes and the microphone. These students rocked our world. The creativity they brought to bear was impressive. Why?

1. They wanted to perform well for the simple purpose of performing well. Not for a promotion, not to impress someone, and not to be better than another person or team or division. This purity allowed their creativity to flow.

2. They allowed their 15 minutes to be fun. When you get to do fun work or when you seek to purposefully make your work fun, creativity is watered.

3. They weren't afraid to try something new. They risked boldly. Risk always comes before value, but especially when it comes to creating something new or changing/improving something old.

Thanks for a great week Utah HOSA, TSA, FFA, FBLA, SkillsUSA, DECA and FCCLA!

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